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CADENAS Reuse Library for NX

Manufacturer certified CAD catalogs available per click in NX

What does the extension of the NX Reuse Library contain?

  • More than 700 manufacturer certified product catalogs with millions of 3D CAD components such as Festo, MISUMI, SMC, Rittal, Samtec etc.
  • Includes international standards such as ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS, EN, GOST etc.
  • All 3D CAD models are available in genuine native NX format, e.g. with assembly structure, threads, bore holes etc.
  • The digital components contain intelligent functions beyond mere geometry, such as kinematics or product configuration
  • The contents, as well as the manufacturer specific master data are continually maintained by CADENAS, together with the manufacturers, and are therefore always up to date

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The CADENAS Reuse Library for NX is a web-based system for the supply of 3D CAD manufacturer catalogs. Engineers and designers thereby obtain access to millions of 3D CAD components from over 700 manufacturer certified product catalogs. The intelligent engineering data can be inserted directly in NX simply per click for design support.

How are the contents licensed?

Licensing takes place via Siemens PLM. The number of licenses must match the number of NX end user licenses. The licensing of single work stations is not possible.

Siemens Product Number Product Name Licensing Mode
NX30701 CADENAS Reuse Library (NL) [Node-Locked]
NX30702 CADENAS Reuse Library (F) [Floating]

Can the extension be tested beforehand?

NX (12.02 or higher) is coming with a CADENAS Reuse Library. By default a demo catalog is activated. It allows access to only a few components for every vendor. After licensing the CADENAS Reuse Library it contains the entire intelligent engineering data with the whole component portfolio for every vendor

Manufacturer master data dependent on each product catalog amongst other things

graphic master data

Where are the manufacturer catalogs from?

The digital product catalogs, information and CAD models are digital data that has been certified by the respective manufacturer and implemented by CADENAS GmbH.

CADENAS is a leading software manufacturer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and parts reductions (PARTsolutions) as well as Electronic CAD Product Catalogs (eCATALOGsolutions). Further info at:

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